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One day you gon’
Bury me too
Gone like the wind
The devil gon’ win
And you’ll have to carry me too
They killing us young
They killing us strong
And they’ll end up killing me too
We’ll try to run
They spilling our blood
They act like they spilling the truth
Why do we run from the truth
They gon’
Kill us with guns
Kill us with hate
Kill us with drugs
But they’ll never kill us with love
Or kill us with hope
Or kill us with hugs
I can’t let them kill us with slugs
I see that you wanna give up
I’m tired of this and I’m tired of that
But I know that I gotta get up
Why everyday it’s a tragedy
They pointing the guns at the family
I gotta hold one and that’s how it has to be
Strategy I ain’t been living a fantasy
I pray for the days living happily
I got a cavity right in my sanity
I know the love it can shoot above gravity
Float off the world like a boat in the galaxy
When you can’t walk forward
I’m who you crawl toward
I’m who you call for
I wish you would call more
When you can’t crawl
The voice of them all
I’m still standing tall for
Whenever I write
Whenever I talk
This what it’s all for


I just wanna pave my way
Go my pace
This ain’t the time or the place
For the hate
Anybody gonna say
What they say
Win the race
Make a play
Yeah you know you gotta stay
I been on a quest be mindful
All of these hoes are handfuls
Tell me what you stand for
I don’t need a hand out
If you need a hand out
Imma have my hand out
Thats what I stand for
Knew we could have more
The shit that I’m mad for
People kill everyday that’s a sad story
What will you think when I’m dead
Will you fuck with me then
I’m here til the end
I do it for my friends
All the ones who are dead
Gotta move ahead
Always gotta learn the ways
Fuck the hate
No time to waste
Make the chase
Catch your dream
Protect yourself
Find your place
Change a life
Change your ways
Turn the page
Different day
This bed I lay
I plot the waves
Just know we’ll be okay

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