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Hundred bands on my mind
It’s hard to sleep
I feel great
I know you wish that you were me
She a goddess
I got promises to keep
I leave her weak
All I ever smoke on is the tree
All she ever did was fuck with me
She don’t like you ever since she came with me
It won’t matter imma give her what she needs
Blood on the leaves
Leave her to me
I gotta go
She let me be
I am a god
She wanna piece
I need some more
No more than a week
I’m addicted to the money
can’t control it
Ain’t no taser
Got a laser I don’t scope in
What a crazy world we live in
Keep it loaded
Change your life
I got no brakes
I keep it going
And you know I’m ballin’
Cause I’m rolling
Heard you got a problem
Must be trolling
Trust your dreams
Cause they gon’ show you where you going
Love yourself
Cause if you don’t, you’ll never show it

Everybody fishy
This the ocean
Look up close my eyes
Feel like I’m floating
God do you hear me
Feel like I’m chosen
God did you fix me
Cause I was broken

I found a way to get the bag I’m hoping
I’m just sitting, I’m just mixing up the potion
When I look at you, I’m only feeling hopeless
This bitch took my whole shit
Took a shot to cope this
Blood on the leaves
I wanted peace you fucking with me
What do you see, all of the pain you putting on me
I let rain, look at the it’s bank running to me
Why is you running to me
Shit is so funny to see
I bought a bag
She just wants love in advance
Hold my hand
Sike, I cannot tell you my plan
She is just lonely again
Told her go find a new man
Told her I’m not yo mans
I cannot love her again

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