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24 hours watch the clock spin
She just showed up with a hot friend
Looking at me like I’m top ten
If I don’t go, I gotta stop then
Get it, we can split it
Don’t wanna yell it
Hit it, like I’m Yelich
Bitch you jealous
Spent 100 now she’s shell shocked
You can see the bust down on the wrist watch
Took a couple tweets, and then she inbox
One of us always keep the thing cocked
This my brother, grew up on the same block
If you throwing shade, we can send shots
Fact checker
Fuck your bitch it’s for the record
Never let up
Bitch I’m hot without the sweater
It’s for the better
I’m a mouse, I need my cheddar
Took a minute, now I’m in it, and she’s wetter
She was dripping from the wrist to the waist
Now the tears down her face and she can’t find her place
And she’s sad and she’s telling me to come thru
I really wanna go, but I can’t leave a trace

Imma move my family away
You can’t stand what I say
But you standing in place
I kinda wanna travel today
And she asked where I stay
Said the cabs on the way
And she got a hundred different versions
Every time we talk feel like a different fucking person
I just got a second phone so I can handle the conversions
I been living and I’m learning
Bro I’m sipping and I’m swerving

Imma make a living off this ripping
You been claiming as a artist but you never really spitting
She 23 she on my team
Shoot like I’m Pippen
I ain’t playing
At the place where you don’t fit in
All I ever wanted was some digits
I been wicked with the wisdom
Ever since I was a midget
Anything I want I go and get it
Got the liquor in my system
Got me spinning like a fidget

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