Isaiah's Interlude

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I see myself in you so I don’t think we’ll ever be
I went to ride the wave I let my heart stay on the beach
Looking in the mirror I ain’t even seeing me
You aint really smiling just because you show your teeth

Life’s been hurting me
We lost a brother to some lean
Sipping on this drink
But that’s just a memory

Hope is all we do
We cant control what’s meant to be
Dream when I’m awake
Cause I see monsters when I sleep

This a dream
This a cold melody
This is life
But I love it
What it’s like
To be me

Toking the tree
Still float on the beat
On a boat in the sea
You just float in the sink

Close with my team
Grow old with my team
This is life and I love it
What’s it’s like
To be me

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