She Said

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She said
She said
She said where do I go now
She said
She said
She said where do I go now

She said
That she want me dead
I could never love
See you in my head
Dreaming cause that’s all I got
Got demons in my head
See you think you got it
Till you took me off the bench

She said
I’m a god
I’m a fucking robot when I cook up
Cause I’m cooking a lot
Call me Gordon Ramsey in the booth with the pot

I learned lessons on the daily
Life ain’t really working out for me as of lately
Last night in my city
What a crazy night
We know the world been going crazy
I need a wife but like seven call me baby

Life’s been testing all my patience
Cancer suck a dick you turned my brother to a patient
And the chemo isn’t cheap we all been saving
But doctors get away they killing with the medication

She said
She said
She said where do I go now
He said
He said
He said where do I go now

This isn’t right
This is my life
I got a bitch to the right
I got my head through night and
I got some brothers in pain
Hoping that shit go away
Sick of the hate
She wanna fly out the state
We just pulled up at the gate
Now she’s tryna kill me
Look me in the eyes
And she only does me filthy
I just told her this the real me
Cut me if you want to
That’ll never kill me
You just give me pain today
I don’t really care I just pulled up in insane today
Now I sing amazing grace
The love will fade away
I can never change my ways

To peacefully be able to handle death
Like you’re going to see all of your friends die
That’s the fact to it
(You could be the very last)
You might actually be the very first one

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