The Process

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What up
Yo, I just uploaded a beat man
It’s fire, you gotta hear this
Let’s hear it, let’s hear it

I’m glad they taught me how to add
I never could subtract
If I ever see success I know it’d make you mad
I’m never changing for the cash
I’m never gonna crash
All she ever wanted was a bag
I had to dip and dash
Then I built a fucking team
I hope it made you mad
We got teachers killing dreams
Cause they don’t understand
I swear it’s over if the team can see a hundred grand
Ask me how to start a fucking brand while you’re an undergrad

Then you talk about our team, man it’s really sad
Success is the best revenge, so I’m really glad
You must wanna be us, like really bad
This is the life we have, gotta do the best we can
Hold up, work
Now we put the team first
Got the, team first
Now we make the dream work
That’s some, clean merch
Put the logos on the shirt
Yeah we came up from the dirt
Twois been on high alert

This ain’t just a track
We put in work
It took a couple laps
All I got is facts
Your shit the worst And that’s a fucking fact
They are never gonna trust you they know how you act
Have you spitting out saliva while you’re getting slapped
What i’m hitting
Only running from the past
Only do it for my fam
So it’s gotta be in the plan
Let me pour a glass
When I sip it
I’m a savage
I never text her back
When I take it you’ll never have it

IP, vic and me together that’s a hat trick
We working doubles, never stopping till we grasp it
Work the magic, whip the wrist, we cookin’ mad hits
Hit the beach, house on coast, we livin’ lavish
Max the profits
I wont stop it
We the top pick
Yeah, the topic
The ones they talk about
If you talking, stop it
We the hot shit
It’s The Process

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